Homemade Laundry Soap

It’s been a while since I’ve done a DIY post, so I thought, you know, since I do a lot of DIY and love to be frugal and make stuff at home, I need to share. (haha)Back in July I made laundry soap for the first time. It’s seriously awesome, and I’m just now running out of it. Did you hear that? It’s lasted me six months! That’s cray, ya’ll. And to be honest, I think I spent about $6 on the ingredients to make it. My frugal heart pounds for this kind of stuff. The recipe I use comes from Mrs. Happy Homemaker (which is a blog that I am completely.in.love.with) and the original can be found here.

I  do not use essential oils in mine because, personally, I like the scent just fine without it. I also make mine just a tad different than she does. Either way is totally fine, just personal preference of methods.

So, to begin, you need only 3 ingredients. Borax, Washing soda, and Fels-Naptha soap. It’s literally, like, $6 or $7 for all three. The best part about it is that you won’t use all the Borax or Washing Soda in one batch, so you could probably get three or four batches out them, which makes the cost even less when you think about how many gallons you get. You just have to buy more Fels-Naptha, which I buy at Wal-Mart for $0.97.


Here is what all I use:

  • Borax
  • Washing Soda
  • Fels-Naptha
  • 5 Gallon Bucket (you can get these at Lowe’s)
  • Drill and mortar mixer (or just a long spoon or whisk)
  • Funnel
  • Large cup
  • Detergent containers

To begin, grate your bar of Fels-Naptha into a large microwave safe bowl. (Of course I didn’t take a photo of this part). Once you get it grated, pour in four cups of water and microwave for 5 minutes.

Once that 5 minutes is up, take the bowl out of the microwave and stir for a couple minutes. Then put the bowl back in the microwave and heat for 5 more minutes.

Note* Some people melt there soap on the stove in four cups of water over 10 minutes. I just would rather use my glass bowl than my cookware to do this part, but it’s totally up to you.


When that 5 minutes is up, stir again until it seems that all the soap is melted.

Next, fill a 5 gallon bucket half way with hot water.


Pour in the melted soap, 1 cup of Borax, 1 cup of Washing Soda, and stir, stir, stir! I use the mortar mixer to stir because it’s long and I don’t get my hands messy. I don’t use the drill at this point, though.


Next, fill the bucket the rest of the way up to the top with hot water, and stir again.


When you’re done stirring, pop the lid on the bucket and let it sit for a day or so.

When you come back to your day-old laundry soap, you will find that it has become a gelatinous consistency. This is completely normal, so don’t freak out. Now’s the time when momma gets to use the power tools 🙂


Yes, folks. This is what I use to stir up my gelatinous laundry soap. Believe it or not, it comes recommended from my mother-in-law, and those are actually her tools pictured. (insert laugh-cry emoji)


Once you get the mixture stirred up, it should be significantly less jelly like than before, but may still be a little goopy in places. This is not big deal. It will probably goop back up a bit once you pour it into the containers and it sits for a while. Just shake her up before you use it.

I am able to get all these containers full, plus about 3/4 of a two gallon container not pictured. In other words, you get A LOT of laundry soap. I use the funnel and a cup to fill my containers. It just makes things easier and less messy.


When doing laundry, I usually use 1-2 caps full of soap, depending on the size of my load. It cleans your clothes, doesn’t cause build up, and smells nice. It will also last you forever. I still use store-bought liquid fabric softener, simply because I love the smell of Gain Tropical Sunrise. But you can also use vinegar as a natural fabric softener.

And there you have it! Homemade laundry soap!

Happy DIY’ing!

Until next time,




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